About Us

The studio as a creative hub

Located at the heart of Montreal, Studio Lounak is a creative hub of freelance artists working primarily in the field of American comics and European graphic novels, as well as in commercial illustration, video game design, painting, storyboard, animation and advertising.

The Studio appeared to fuel a need to create, share, exchange & work in a stimulating environment... A place where artists can meet.

Lounak Distribution: A new way to see distribution

Behind Lounak Distribution is the idea to offer a streamlined distribution experience for both self-publishing creators who want to get their books into stores but don't have the resources, and retailers looking to offer artist edition books previously only offered directly through creators.

The main focus of Lounak Distribution are comic books self-published by professional creators, as well as offering co-publishing services by Studio Lounak Inc. through their KimiQ imprint. We will also carry apparel, including t-shirts, belts and bags, as well as prints, postcards, bookmarks and more! Look for more creators and products to be added soon as we build a strong foundation for a growing self-publishing community.

Lounak Distribution: Great books, straight from the artist!

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